Updated: 20th March 2018

This City Is Opening The First Weed-Friendly Gym And It Sounds Amazing

Let’s give a quick round of applause to San Francisco for being the chillest town in town. On Thursday, a press release announceda weed-friendly gym would be arriving in the Bay Areavery soon.

Co-founded by 420 Games baller Jim McAlpine and retired NFL player Ricky Williams, Power Plant Fitness has agoal ofchanging the outdated stonerstereotype by celebrating and supporting cannabis-consuming athletes.

In an interview with Complex, McAlpine talked about his own struggleovercoming the marijuana stigma, saying,

I felt ashamed of my lifestyle to some degree. I have learned to flip that around. Now I wear my lifestyle as a badge of honor.

In openingPower Plant Fitness in San Francisco in November, these trailblazers plan to focus on“integrative full body and mind training.” As part of the gym’s forward-thinkingapproach, members will be able to consume cannabis within the facility while working up a sweat.

Thiswill be the first “cannabis gym”in the world and can hopefully set a new, more inclusive standard in the process.

Focusing on themission behind the 420 Games, McAlpine hopes to shatter misconceptions and reveal cannabis connoisseurs for whatthey truly are: more motivated to work out than the rest of us. He also shared some bro-love, saying,

Having Ricky Williams as a partner is f*cking awesome because he exemplifies a successful and very athletic person who also uses cannabis. Ricky is as smart as he is a talented athlete. And that is a big statement.

Aww, is it even possible to love these guys any more?

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