Updated: 23rd April 2018

Hilarious Wannabe-Wildlife Documentary Explains What Really Goes On In The Gym

Everyone loves a bit of Attenborough… right? There is no time when the British public is more at peace than when his dulcet tones float from our TV’s.

The guys over at Buff Dudes decided to try their hand at an Attenborough-style documentary, covering a topic they know all too well; buff dudes. And ladies, too.

The video is especially appropriate now that the new year is fast approaching and those of us who don’t typically frequent a gym, will probably show our faces.

Though, if you’re anything like me, you’ll sign up for a membership, turn up twice and leave shortly after – and then never be seen again. You carry on paying, though, so that technically you could go to the gym.

This documentary is great prep for those of us heading back to the gym (maybe) in 2016.

Check it out:

Don’t you feel suitably educated after that? Thought so.

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