Updated: 26th April 2018

Gym Coach Is Hilariously Passionate About His Job

Gymnastics isn’t exactly the most popular sport. For most of us, it only comes around every four years, when we tune in to watch the summer Olympics. However, for professional gymnasts, it’s an all-consuming lifestyle. When they wake up, what they eat and how much time they spend practicing is all determined by their training regimen. There is little time or energy left for socializing, or even just relaxing on the couch. It’s an intense schedule, but we can’t forget – behind every successful gymnast is a great coach.

Coaches, like the gymnasts they train, also lead a hectic lifestyle. Their workday is not 9 to 5, but consists of long hours of training and traveling to events, all while keeping an upbeat and positive attitude. It takes drive and passion, two things the coach in this video has in spades. Clearly, he’s someone who truly loves their job.  

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